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The service saves a name and a link to the profile on the social network which is used to log in. Other data may be saved during payment (e.g. an email, a phone number or an identifier in a payment system). This data is used only within the service and is not given to third parties. The service does not get or store credit card numbers. Other data in depersonalized form can be used at our discretion and can be given to third parties. This also applies to an address and content of pages. Do not use the service for pages containing personal information.

Feeds in paid plans are intended for personal use only, request rate for them is limited. To share a feed, use a link "Share the feed" instead of an address of the feed.

Do not harm the site and do not use the site to harm other sites or for other illegal activities. Otherwise access to the site may be restricted.

We are not responsible for content of external sites or content of feeds which are created from them. Access to feeds with illegal content may be restricted.

We do our best to make the site run continuously and correctly for most pages, but cannot guarantee it. Continuous and correct service is not guaranteed. Specific appearance of a feed and the ability to create a feed from a specific page are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for losses from the use of or impossibility to use the site. Compensations in paid plans are at our discretion.